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*~* Sept '13 check in*~*

Woohoo, I found our list!! We had a request for a check in here on PGAL, so here we are. And guess what you guys... everyone due this September is officially into their 2nd trimester now!

QOTW: Are you finding out the sex of your baby? If yes, do you already know or when will you find out?

Here's who I have as of now. Are there any changes to make?

ac5008 - 8/31

hungryhippo - 9/1 

Juicy71 - 9/4

SopranoMama - 9/7 

KittyKatMom - 9/8 

magdelina.h - 9/9

CamiButterworth - 9/11

Loveniz - 9/12 

sugarellie - 9/13 

LSzwaya - 9/14

algalphys - 9/17 

csspencer - 9/17

ejb23 - 9/18

rheavner - 9/22

diablesse - 9/23 

olga1311 - 9/23

ob+bb - 9/24 

DaisyZH - 9/25

dandywarhol - 9/25 

LAMCH1980 -  9/25

TLR816 - 9/25

waterfall11 - 9/25

Littlar - 9/26 

caseyandlizzie - 9/27

hopeforamiracle2013 - 9/27

ravenclaw1 - 9/27

Diapers&Wipes - 9/28 

JFJA15 -  9/28

nbcarlson - 9/29


TTC #1 since January 2011
BFP#1 April 12, 2011, EDD December 24, 2011, strong heart beat at 7w3d, d&c at 10w6d
BFP#2 Oct 24, 2011, natural miscarriage, EDD unknown
After RPL testing my losses and subsequent infertility are considered unexplained.
Cycle #22: Femara, TI, and progesterone = BFP!! 
BFP#3 Dec 21, 2012. Beta #1 @14dpo = 134, progesterone 67.8. Beta #2 @ 17dpo = 664! Team green, EDD 9/1/13, healthy baby boy born 9/12/13!
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Congratulations to the fabulous KGS2003! Her sweet boys are here! Grow boys grow!!!

Re: *~* Sept '13 check in*~*

  • Yay! Thanks for starting this back up. Yes, I week definitely be finding out the gender, I don't have the patience to wait. My anatomy scan is April 29. Justpassed my loss milestone last week and am starting to feel a little more confident about this pre
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  • Thank you so much for doing this.

    We will most definitely be finding out the sex although it really doesn't matter to me what it is. I just need to know who this person is inside me.

    On April 20 we are going for an elective ult
    4 IVF, 2 FET
    January 13, 2012- m/c 1
    September 12, 2012- m/c 2

    MTHFR (2 copies C677T, +ANA)

    Gluten free, dairy free, acupuncture
    1/13/13- BFP #3-
    1/14- 32 Progesterone 20
    1/16- 100 Progesterone 23
    1/22- 2054!! Progesterone 18.7 (On supplements since 1/16)

    PLEASE be our sticky rainbow baby.. You have no idea how much you are loved already!!

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  • ejb23ejb23
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    Yes we plan to find out for sure on the 30th. The nt scan tech made a prediction of a boy so we will see if she was right ! I'm excited either way and just want to know so we can decide on a name


    -My step-daughter is 12 years old.

    -BFP #1 on 9/2/12, D&C 10/18/12 no heartbeat on US @ 10 weeks.

    -BFP #2 on 1/7/13, R was born on 9/22/13 via C-Section

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  • Thank you for moving this to PgAL, HH!

    We know we are having a girl. Hopefully she's still a girl at the anatomy scan next week!

    Woo hoo for us all being in the second tri, ladies!
    MC 4/09 at 6w2d 
    Rainbow Jude 
    born: 12/31/09
    Pre-E Induction at 36w4d
    11 Day NICU stay due to GBS infection

    TTC#2 10/2010
    M/C: 4/09/11 5w
    CP: 12/26/2011 
    CP: 1/28/2012 
    MMC: 4/16/2012 at 11w2d 
    Ectopic: 6/25/2012 MTX 07/03/12
    CP 11/24/2012 
    Rainbow Violet 
    born: 9/11/13

    All ALers welcome! 
  • I hope everyone is having a great week!! 

    I have my 16 week appointment today and I am slightly stressing out!!  I am also wearing my first outfit to work where you can see my bump!  We are planning to be all the way out after thi

    TTC since May 2011
    M/C #1 Chemical Pregnancy Aug 2011
    M/C #2 Blighted Ovum Feb 2012
    M/C #3 Missed Miscarriage after HB Aug 2012
    BFP #4 1/12/13 EDD: 9/26/13 Betas 12DPO: 45, 14DPO: 156, 19DPO: 904, 21DPO: 1,972, 26DPO: 12,230, 28DPO: 22,017
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  • Hi.  Thanks for doing this!

    Could you please add me as 9/27?

    DH & I both definitely want to find out.  Our a/s is on the 3

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    BFP #1 26May12 - EDD 27Jan13 - DX blighted ovum 12Jul12 - M/C 2Aug12 
    BFP #2 13Jan13 - EDD 22Sep13 - DD born 20Sep2013!
  • Hi I would like to be added, my EDD is 9/2. 


    We have the A/S this Thursday and we are not finding out the sex. Being Team Green was easy in the beginning but now that it seems like everyone is finding out the sex of the baby, I

    BFP#1 10/18/12 M/C 10/25/12 BFP#2 12/24/12 EDD 9/2/13 DS born 8/31/13 


  • Yay for September!

    We're team green. Although H doesn't care either way about finding out, and he keeps telling me I'm going to crack and want to end up knowing. I'm still firm on my green-ness... our A/S is in a couple weeks, so we'll see if I'm

    BFP #1 - Mango - 6/11/12, EDD 2/22/12 Natural MC 7/15/12
    BFP #2 - Nacho - 10/14/12, EDD 6/20/13, MMC 8 weeks, D&C 11/16/12
    All testing shows both H and I are perfectly normal. Baby Nacho had triploidy. 
    Back to normal business December 2012
    BFP #3 - Froggy - 1/15/13, EDD 9/27/13 TEAM GREEN
    It's a girl! Alice - Born 9/20/13, 8lbs 2oz

  • Yay, I'm so glad we're doing this here...

    Congrats everyone on being in the 2nd trimester.

    Yes, we are finding out the sex. Hopefully this weekend actually. I had mentioned to DH that I wanted an elective u/s since I won't be getti

    BFP #1 11/27/11 EDD 08/08/12 M/C 01/27/12 12 wks 2 days
    BFP #2 04/25/12 EDD 01/04/13(?) confirmed ectopic 05/16/12 6 wks 5 days 2 doses of MTX-Lost left tube on 05/25/12 Back to TTC, earlier than originally expected.
    BFP #3 01/05/13 EDD 09/17/13 u/s 1/24/13-great appt, measuring 2 days ahead, NT scan 3/11/13-great scan measuring 4 days ahead, A/S 4/29/13-another great scan can't wait to meet my baby BOY!!!!!
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  • Add me to the list please! I'm due 9/5. We have our A/S tomorrow....if the tech will tell us we will hopefully be finding out the gender!
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    BFP 1.5.13 - EDD 9.5.13 - Ysabella Sofia born 9.12.13
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  • Im glad I was able to check in here today ! I keep missing this checkin.. We found out a couple weeks ago we are having another boy! Everything is good and im just chugging along, we have our a/s on the 26th! 

    BFP#1.11/2/12-EDD 7/16/13-M/C.11/6/12
    BFP#2 1/2/13 EDD 9/13/13 DS#2 8/19/13!


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  • Thanks for doing this!  Congrats on 2nd tri ladiesSmile

    QOTW: Our a/s is scheduled for 5/2.  I can't wait!!  

    BFP #1: 3/3/12, EDD: 11/11/12, Missed M/C: 4/3/12 @ 8 weeks 2 days, D&C: 4/6/12
    BFP #2: 6/29/12, EDD: 3/8/13, Natural M/C: 7/16/12 @ 6 weeks 2 days
    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Hypothyroidism
    BFP #3: Kendall Grace, born 9/30/13
    BFP #4: 9/3/14, EDD: 5/16/15, Missed M/C: 10/6/14 @ 8 weeks 2 days, D&C: 10/8/14
    Never in our arms, forever in our hearts
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  • Hi ladies!

    I'm now 17 weeks 1 day...pretty sure I'm feeling baby move these days!  Have my next Dr appointment on Friday.  I'm hoping he busts out the Doppler so I can hear the heartbeat for the first time this pregnancy!  My AS is

  • Thanks for doing this!

    Dh and I will be finding out! Our A/S is on May 1st but we will be finding out with our reveal to family on the 3rd.

    TTC since April 2012
    BFP #1 9/26/12 EDD 6/7/13 MC at 5w2d on 10/6/12
    BFP #2 1/18/13 Baby Boy born 10/2/13!

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  • Thanks for posting this! Our A/S is on Friday so I'm hoping we will find out then.

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             BFP #1 5/17/12 EDD 1/26/13 no hb @ 8w6d natural mc 11w6d 7/13/12 
             BFP #2 1/1/13 EDD 9/11/13 Isabelle Diane born on 9/17/13 7lbs 1oz 20in.
    BFP #3 4/3/2014 EDD 12/10/14 William David born on 12/8/14 7 lbs 10 oz 20in.
  • I'm glad I spotted this I haven't been around much since moving but I try to check in every once and again.

    We went for an elective at 17w and it was confirmed at our A/S this week that we are getting our little girl. We are over the moon at

    Love is multiplied: DS #1: 1.5.99 ~ DS #2: 9.23.11 ~ DD 8.29.13

    m/c 11/12/12 - sleep tight baby bean.

    Bitty Baby #4, please stick around - we already love you so very much!

    Ultrasound 11/4 - TWO HEARTBEATS!!!

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