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Revealing baby names!!

Does anyone have cute idea how to reveal the baby name? I have finally decided that we are going to tell them name because he have been somewhat decided on them before we were married!! I tried to change the girls name but I finally caved I wanted a different girls name since my step son is name mason and we had alway wanted our first girl to be name Penelope but I change my mind since kourtney kardashian had her daughter.. But I caved since my husband said this was going to be daddy's little girl and that father and daughter relationship is so special and we had loved this name for so long!!!
I will hopefully found out Monday what we will be having so I want a really cool way to tell people the names... My parents live out of town, so I'm struggle on how to tell them without just calling them!

Penelope Grace
Kolton Alexander
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Re: Revealing baby names!!

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