Finding a nanny

If you have a nanny, how did you go about finding him/her?  I've determined a nanny is our best option, but I'm nervous about the process of finding one. 

 Also, we need some money saving tips. Are there any changes you made to your budget that really helped your family out?


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Re: Finding a nanny

  • I had two nannies.  The first was to help out when my girls came home from the NICU.  I put an ad on Craigslist, interviewed three and hired one.  She was awesome.  For the full time nanny I needed when I went back to work, I put th

  • Can't help with the nanny question, but as far as budget, making your own laundry detergent ($20-25 for a year!), homemade wipes, make your own baby food when the time comes...
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  • We've had 2 nannies since my son was born (he'll be 2 in June). We found them both on and they were both wonderful!
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  • We found our nanny on We had a good pool of applicants and interviewed 4. The one we hired has been great! 
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  • We found our nannies on as well.  We had a lot of applicants, interviewed about 6 or 7, and are very happy with the two we chose (one for days, one for a few nights/week)

    In terms of saving money, we refi'd our house to get a much l

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  • We are a little crazy with our budgeting and money savings but here is what we do. 

    For savings we meal plan and shop weekly, buy the boys things gently used when possible, buy on price instead of brand and buy more when on a really goo

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