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Late Pregnancy Vent...

So I've been posting a lot on my Facebook about my pregnancy, and I'm sure everyone on there is tired of hearing about my pregnancy woes, so I'm gonna vent on here to you guys who more than likely know how I feel.


 I just had my 39 week appointment today. I've been having back pain since 32 weeks, and it's been pretty severe this past week. I've been 1cm dilated for a few weeks, and starting to feel like this baby is never going to get here (I know it will happen when it's meant to, just getting impatient). I know birth plans are just guidelines, but I'm starting to feel like mine isn't going to happen anymore. The only way to get the L&D I want is for contractions to start naturally. I really wanted no meds of any kind, especially pitocin, and induction was brought up today at my appointment. I really really don't want to be induced, but I want my back pain to go away. I got put on a muscle relaxer to take the edge off, and it makes it so hard to get anything done because I'm so tired and drowsy all the time. I'm falling apart inside because I'm so ready to be done with this pregnancy. As much as I want to put off induction, I'm starting to think it's the only thing that will put an end to the back pain. This baby sure doesn't want to come out yet, and I don't want to rush him, but I'm tired of hurting.


Any of you have stories or encouragement? I'd love to hear something good to take my mind off things.

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