When did you wean the MOTN feeding?

LO will be 9 months next week. I'd like to not be getting up anymore. Is it too soon, and how do I go about it? I feel bad cutting cold turkey. What is considered a healthy time to go between the last bf of the night and the first bf of the morning? I'm assuming 7pm to 6am is too long at this age?

Re: When did you wean the MOTN feeding?

  • I nightweaned DS1 at 9 mo. I rocked him instead until he stopped waking up all the time.
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  • It all depends on the child.

    I am letting my child self-wean her MOTN feeding.  She skipped it a few nights ago and clearly still eats a bunch most nights because of how engorged I was.

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  • It depends on the child - size, amount of filling solids eaten during the day (while solid food in general has nothing to do with sleep associations, keeping tummies full longer does help for some kids and some foods genuinely do that), and even temper

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  • CAN they go that long without feeding?  Probably.  According to my pedi, it was safe to let him STTN at 6 months.  SHOULD they...?  That, I think, is more of a personal decision.  I dealt with MOTN feedings til almost 15
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  • I kinda sorta let DD self wean from nighttime feeds. With a little encouragement. She was around 18-20 months. 
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  • we didn't DD kinda did it herself by starting to STTN without any help from us. and she will do that off and on, depending on growth spurts, since she was 3 months old. sorry i can't help much with that hun! good luck!


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  • DD nurses exclusively, and on DD's 6 month birthday, I sent DH in at 3 am ( when she always woke up to feed) and he just rocked her to sleep and let her cry for about a half hour.  I felt sooo bad not going in to feed her, but my doctor said it was t
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