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Who is still bfing in the motn? I'm wondering if I should consider weaning? I'm so tired of getting up, and I feel it would be easier to sleep train without a feeding. However, maybe my schedule is not that realistic. It goes something like this.

7:30/8pm BF and bedtime

*10/11pm BF (this one seems to be phasing out as our bedtime is getting later-it was 6:30pm)

1-3:00am (somewhere in there) BF/back to sleep

5:00/6:00 awake (if he wakes at 5:00 he will BF and go back to sleep. if he wakes at 6:00 he's up for the day and will usually not BF before DC.)

Ultimately, on a good night I'm waking once to feed. Am I unrealistic to think other babies are going to bed at a similar time and not waking until morning?

I would love to hear what you are doing.  



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