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If you're a two-car family, do you have a convertible carseat in both your cars? Or does one of you do the majority of the driving with the kiddo and you switch the seat if you need to? Or do you have a nice carseat and a cheaper back-up...? I'm just not sure what we will do as we approach this point - the whole infant seat plus an extra base is so convenient!!

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Re: car seat question

  • We have a convertible seat in each car. DH does more of the driving, so we have the Radian in his car. We have a Graco Myride 65 in mine, which is less expensive but still well-rated.
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  • DH drops off, I pick up, we both have nicer seats.

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  • Nope, we only have one convertible carseat which stays in the car that DH does not use to go to work (I'm a SAHM.) We usually just use that car if we have to go out all together. 
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  • The Britax Advocate is in my car and the Britax Pavilion is in DH's car.
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  • Both DH and I have convertible car seats in the car. We both have 2 Radians each.
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  • We both have convertible car seats that stay in our cars...but mine is a more expensive version and DH's is pretty basic since he doesn't drive near as much as I do on a regular basis. He just gets off work earlier than I do so he does most DC pickups but
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  • I do almost all daycare pickups and dropoffs and my car is the car we take if we go out all together so I have the Britax and DH has the Scenera for the rare pick up or drop off.
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  • We have a convertible in each car so we don't have to move the seats constantly.  Both seats are Graco MyRide 65s, so we figured since it wasn't super expensive it would be easier and more convenient to get 2 seats.

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  • We have a Britax in my car (the main car) and a Cosco Scenera is H's car.

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  • yaleyale
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    We have Radians in my car (I do the majority of driving) and Coscos in DHs car.
  • We have 1 backless booster, 3 high back boosters, 1 5pt harness/booster combo seat, 3 convertible carseats, and 2 infant bases with the carseat. That's our collection over the last 7 years. (We had 2 additional convertible seats that have expired.)

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  • We each have a seat. I have a graco and Dh has a safety 1st.
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  • We only have a convertible car seat in my car.  DH drives a lot for work so my car gets all the other miles.  Plus he drives a Yaris so it's tiny.
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  • We have a seat in each car...a Radian in the main car and a Britax Roundabout 55 in the secondary car. We also have a cheap Safety 1st Guide 65 for travel and sitters. 

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  • We have one in each car. There was a really good sale on a nice one at Costco a while ago (I forget the brand), so we just got two of the same one.
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  • We got a convertible for each car.  Both Britax's bought on sale for $150 each.  Way too much of a pain to move them.  And I do most of the driving with him in my car but any time we visit relatives it's DH's car.
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