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They're staring at me...

...yelling: "Wash me! Wash me!". So, my question is- how early did you prep your cloth diapers? I'm 30 weeks & don't want to wash my Kawaii P&N stash too early, in fear that I'll have the urge to wash them again, since they'll be sitting in a basket for another 2 or so months.

I'm nesting, can you tell? Smile

Re: They're staring at me...

  • I'm 25 weeks and I have begun prepping my stash.  However, I am doing them all separately (as in only like diapers together) in fear of ruining them if I try to figure out which ones I can do together. 

    Once I get them all prepped, I w

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  • I don't even want to admit how late I started prepping my diapers, so I will just tell you that you are not too early to prep your diapers and they wouldn't need to be ashed again before baby gets here.

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  • 26 weeks and am trying to put off prepping. Mainly because I've always had a load of laundry that needed done!

    Which we won't tonigh since I'm awesome and almost everything is clean! So I might prep some tonight!!
  • Once I got a load of diapers (ex. my NB and small GMD prefolds), I would prep them.  I also prepped them on a day that DH wasn't going to be home so I didn't have to hear him biitch about not having enough hot water.  I prepped all my covers

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  • Ive prepped all my dipes, except the most recent purchases.  Im still waiting for another order to come in, then I will prep the rest.

    Doing the several loads prepping requires it took me about a day.  It took me a bit to figure out my

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  • I prepped all my natural fibers immediately since they take sooo many washings lol. Then I did the synthetics as I wanted to. If you're worried they won't smell as fresh, store them in a container with a dryer sheet. It'll help keep them smelling fresh.
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  • I'm 31 weeks and feel the exact sane way, I want to prep now, but feel like its a little too early.
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    I prepped all my natural fibers immediately since they take sooo many washings lol. Then I did the synthetics as I
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  • You don't actually need to prep Kawaii Pure and Naturals.  They are all synthetic.  Just wash them once with an extra rinse to get any soap out and you're good to go. 


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  • 32 weeks. 

     My first order came in the other day.  I couldn't wait for my baby shower (April 20!) to see if I got any because I wanted to play with them and figure them out ASAP!  I have some used NB AIOs coming from a purc

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  • I made myself wait to prep mine and then I was really sorry about that when I had a preemie.  I tell people to go for it, they're not going to get dirty in a drawer or a container and it's just one more thing you don't have to worry about.  <

  • I think I did mine around 28 weeks.

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