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Two Thing Tuesday

1. How many days did did you stay in the hospital after LO/LO's were born? Will you/did you do the same for 2nd/3rd/4th...?

2.  Do you make your bed every day?

Re: Two Thing Tuesday

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    1. I stayed less than 24 hours from the time I was admitted until the time I left.

    ETA: I would like to stay a little longer next time. Maybe 1 night for sure to make sure I can get the hang of nursing - which I hope to do next time. 

  • 1. She was born on the 30th Dec - we were kept until the 2nd due to maternal blood loss. I will not be having another child.

    2. Not usually.

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  • E was born via C/S on the 15th, we were discharged on the 17th

    No.... Embarrassed



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  • 1. I was in the hospital for 5 days after DD was born.  They needed to make sure my uterine infection was gone before they would let me leave.  I didn't mind though since DD was in the NICU.  It made it easy to visit her for those first

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  • 1. 3 days. 30hr induction ended in csection. I left 36hr after my csection.
    For second baby it depends on whether I VBAC or csection but I like
    to leave ASAP!!!

    2. I don't. DH makes it sometimes but he never does it correctly.

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  • 1. I stayed for about a day and a half.  She was born on Dec 7th and I took her home on my birthday, Dec 8th Smile Greatest birthday gift ever!  I was feeling so good

  • 1. DD1 was born on 11/26. We were discharged on 11/29. She was a c-section and I had an infection (had to have IV antibiotics) so we had to stay that long.

    DD2 was born the morning of 12/4 (VBAC) and we were discharged on 12/5. I much preferred

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  • 1. 3 days, had a c-section.

    2. Not usually, I wish I did more it's always nice getting into a made bed :) 

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  • 1. With DD, my water broke at 33 weeks, so was in the hospital for a week prior to having her and then stayed 2 days.  With DS went in the night before and was watched, then induced the next morning (11/18) and went home 2 full days later.  I


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  • 1.  LO was born on 12/22 at 17:17 and we were discharged around noon on Christmas Eve

    2. Nope, almost never unless we have company!

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  • 1. With DD it was 6 am on the 22nd, til just afternoon on the 24th, so just over two whole days (scheduled CS).

    I am wishing to attempt a VBAC with the rest of my children but really could care less for staying in hospitals. 

    2. Nope.

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  • 1. DS was born at 8:26pm on the 18th and we left around 1:00 pm on the 20th. I really actually enjoyed the time at the hospital, but will probably be ready sooner this second time since DS will be at home.

    2. Only when I change the sheets
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  • 1.  DD1 we were in for 3 days, but we had her at 7pm and later that night I was taken for a CT scan.  DD2 was a planned c-section at 11am on 12/15 and we were discharged by about 2pm on 12/17.  

    2.  DH makes it every morning.



  • 1.  I delivered G at 12:01 am on 12/2 and we went home 12/4.  Don't know what I will do next time, probably stay a similar period of time as once we go home it will never be just us and the new baby again. 

    2. No, wish I did, bu

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  • 1) I stayed the full 48 hours as was covered by state law/insurance...  Let's face it as a SAHM, that WAS my maternity leave, and you better believe I was going to take full advantage of someone to cook three hot's and the good pain meds for each

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  • 1. We checked into the hospital Thursday evening and left Sunday evening, so 3 full days (we had to spend an extra night because I was anemic/DS was jaundiced.) I hope we can stick to two days next time, especially with another LO at home.2. I only make t
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  • I was in the hospital for 5 days total - 4 after having her. I was only in there so long bc her biliruben levels rose and she had to sit under the lights. So hopefully next time that won't be a problem.

    Yes! I'm crazy about making my bed. Drives me

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