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plug.. tmi, but don't worry no pics lol

So I think I've been losing my mucous plug today. I THINK anyways.. there hasn't been any blood in it, so I'm not sure. But I had one rather disgustingly large glob (lmao at the tmi of this) this morning, and since then a bunch of smaller ones. I accidentally googled 'what does a mucous plug look like?' thinking I'd get WORD descriptions and it popped up with nasty blood tinged pics that I immediately closed the window. haha.. prego brain wasn't thinking... mean google. Anyways. So from your experience does the plug usually have blood in it? I think when I lost it with DS, when I was already having painful contractions, it did have blood. I've been having contractions on and off the past few days. So hoping between that and this nastiness that it means she's coming soon! When did you go into labor after losing yours, if you lost the plug this far along?
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Re: plug.. tmi, but don't worry no pics lol

  • I haven't lost it yet (to my knowledge) this time around, but last time mine was not bloody, but more like what you described... one or two huge globs, and then pieces the rest of the day.  Lovely, isn't it?
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  • Your title made me laugh.  Haha.

    You know it's so funny that you think you have a good idea of what your mp will be until it's actually time.  Then all logic goes out the window and you just don't know if it is the infamous plug.


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  • I am having the same thing as you... large globs but not bloody at all.  I have been crampy ever since it started too... I really hope this means labor is soon!
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  • Last time I definitely did not lose any sort of plug in advance of being in labor.  When I was about 6 to 8 cms dilated at the hospital I had bloody show, but nothing before then.  My water breaking was really the beginning.  This time,

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  • Mine was just as you described, only it was brown. That could be because I had my cervix checked 3 days before.
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  • Me too! I think i lost a clump yesterday. Also, TMI, it looked more like uh, a glob that would come out of your nose during a sinus infection than bloody or pink plug as its usually described. (This is strictly for comparison and not to gross you out.) I
  • Yup sounds like your plug I've Lost mine 2x so far. And it didn't have any blood to it just was like a big nasty thick glob of snot,,,,, gross!!! I had lots of cramps and BH after and right before loosing it.
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