I got my VBAC!!!!!!

I am not new to the bump but am a lurker/poster. I have been asking questions on this board randomly the past few months. I had an emerg c section with my son in 2010 due to a drop in baby's heart rate after dilating very quickly, i was in labor for only 6 hours total. Rate went back up but attending physician felt "most comfortable" doing a c section...he was new. It was the most upsetting thing ever because it wasn't exactly medically necessary.
Fast forward to now, I was having irregular contractions starting on Saturday 3/30 but nothing major. I was 38 wks and 3days. On Wednesday 4/3 i turned 39 weeks. I woke up and gave my DS a bath at about 830am and made him breakfast soon after getting him dressed. At about 930 I started having some irregular contractions but it felt the same as Saturday. At around 10 they seemed to be a little strong so I decided to take a bath and get myself dressed. In the tub they still seemed strong but I still didnt think much about it.
At around 1030am when I got out they seemed to start coming stronger and faster so I texted my husband and said "make sure your available because I might be in labor". He replied ok and asked if he should leave work and come home. I told him no. Ten minutes later I realized they were coming so quick I couldn't even time them so I texted him to come home. I then called my mom at work so she could come get my DS. I was really in labor and I was extremely nervous.
When my husband got home I was in pain but I made sure everything was in my bag and my DS bag to go with my mom. Through contractions I decided to curl my hair while waiting for my mother I was determined for my VBAC and to look better than I did after DS birth.
My mom finally arrived around 1155, took my DS and we headed to the hospital. The car ride was about 15 to 20 minutes away and there was some traffic on the freeway that's southern California for ya : .
When we got to the hospital the security guard took us up a special elevator to l and d. My husband pushed me in a wheel chair. My contractions were about 1.5 minutes apart. The nurses took me straight to a room and checked me. I was at 4cm, it was 1230pm.
Things moved so quickly at this point. I asked for an epidural but due to a low platelet count and being diagnosed at my previous OB visit with thrombocytopenia I had to have a CBC test done to check my platelets. The triage nurse had a hard time getting my IV in and then had an even worse time drawing blood. She got the other triage nurse who was monitoring baby to do both with no issues. I loved her! Her name was Amy. She was very supportive and wanted me to have my vbac. The baby's heart rate dropped because the contractions were on top of each other so she suggested turbuteline so they could slow down some. She also put me on all fours so it would go back up. She was great through the whole process and stayed longer than she needed to once I was finally admitted.
Two different doctors on duty had come in to greet me and check on me. My doctor is the chief of staff and was in clinic that day, i actually had an appt at 230. She told the doc on duty to keep her posted and hopefully she would be done with clinic in time to come deliver me. She really wanted to since she started at 8am the day my DS was born via csection at 630am and had to miss his birth. At this point I was at 8cm. One of them broke my water and there was meconium. They explained they would bring the NICu team in for delivery to check the baby when she came out.
My l an d nurse Winnie came in to take over and was fabulous. She never left the room. At about 230 my blood work came back and the CRNA came to do my epidural. After she was done Winnie checked me and I was at a 10 plus 2 station. Winnie suggested I labor down and start pushing at 3. I could still feel everything as they said it would take 20 minutes for the epidural to kick in. It must have been on low because it kicked in but I still felt the pressure and urge to push.
I did some practice pushes and then Winnie got the doctor and NICU team. They texted my doc and told her she definitely was gonna miss this birth because the baby was indeed coming. At about 310 I began pushing and you could see my DD's head, but with each push the baby's heart rate would dip. Finally the doctor decided to use a vacuum lightly with one big push from me. At 3:26pm my beautiful DD Bailee was born at 5lbs 14oz and 20 inch. I knew she would be long and skinny like her brother who was 5lbs 6oz 22 1/2 inch. It was so quick, mainly med free, and everyone was so much more attentive this time. I think day time staff is better. I went home the next day and I had a small tear from the vacuum but I still feel way better than I did after my c section. I truly thank god and this board for all the encouragement and support. It all helped me have faith an believe that I too could have my own VBAC come true! To those trying to vbac ask that they try everything they can before a c section. They didnt offer turb for my sons labor, I think that would have helped him handle the contractions and they didnt try moving me. My nurse barely wanted to check me with my DS. I pray your nurses and doctors pay close attention to all of you. Thanks for reading!
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Re: I got my VBAC!!!!!!

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