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What size for summer?

DS fits into 12-18 perfectly now and his growth has really slowed down.  I had bought ahead a bunch of size 18-24 but they look really big.  DS weighs 23 lbs and has only gained 1 lb in the last 4 months.  I really don't want to buy 2 different sizes for summer....but I might have to get some 12-18 too....

what sizes are you all getting? 


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Re: What size for summer?

  • DD has a bunch of 24 mo. for summer.  In some brands (Carters, mainly) she is still an 18 mo. on the size chart, but their stuff is cut so inconsistently that she outgrew most of the winter 18 mo. stuff she has and I've just purcahsed up.


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  • J is at the bottom of the 12-18 range now, so we mostly got that. We have a few 18-24s, but we probably won't end up using them until the end of the summer, unless he has a big growth spurt. I never try to guess and buy ahead, though, I just get stuff

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  • Cody is about 23-24 lbs and also has gained about a pound since before the holidays. He's still in some 9-12 month shirts, and some 12-18 month clothes. He's growing taller, but skinnier because he does not. stop. moving., so his pants keep looking baggie
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  • Lucia is in 6 to 9 month or just 9 month clothing now. I'm guessing she'll be in 9 to 12 month this summer, unless she grows a lot!

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  • I asked a Mom of an older toddler boy in Crazy 8 about boys shorts sizes.  They just seem to get longer and longer.  DS can totally wear 18 months, but they are longish.  She said that her three year old still wears 6-12 month shorts i
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  • image 2chatter:
    I asked a Mom of an older toddler boy in Crazy 8 about boys shorts sizes.  They just seem to get longer an
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  • Ugh, this is a sore subject for me. I bought a lot of stuff ahead to save money, thinking that once the thick of summer hits, she would surely be in 12 month stuff. Now I'm not so sure. Looks like she's needing 9 month stuff. *sigh* I'm worried I'm going
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  • Madison is almost 21 lbs and I bought all 18 months for her.  I do have some 18-24 months that others bought and I'm hoping she will fit in it!

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  • I ended up getting 2 sizes.  Since they turn 18 months in summer I figured that she would switch sizes about then, my son was always about right size//age wise as well.  I got mostly 18 month clothes (12-18 mth).

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  • We are still in 12 month stuff and some 12-18 month.  He swims in the 12-18 month and the 18 month stuff is even bigger.  I think we are sticking with the 12-18 month range which I am thankful for since we have so many things already in that siz
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  • We are in 2t tops and bottoms and also he is starting to wear some 3t tops as well.
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