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I wish she would go home-vent

Let me start by saying I am very grateful for my grandma, but she's getting on my nerves. My family is in property ownership so the house we are living in we are renting from my grandma. She took it upon herself to come stay a few days when Brayden was born, which was 16 days ago. I should've put my foot down from the beginning but she was already here when we got home from the hospital. My grandma is very overbearing, she'll come in the room & take the baby while he's napping, tries to dictate how we run our household, & gets a terrible attitude if she can't have things her way. She tried to tell me yesterday that she knows more than the pediatrician. I told her two nights ago that she should go home so we can establish a routine as a family but she's still here. I just really need her to go home because I can feel myself slipping into a funk.


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Re: I wish she would go home-vent

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