Babies: 3 - 6 Months

super dry skin, Lotion recs?

My poor little man has super dry skin on his face.  We lube him up as best we can.

Aveno doesn't touch it.  Currently we are using Aubry Organic's Baby lotion and that seems to at least be helping but it's SO slow to heal.  At least the redness is reduced.

DH is randomly at the Docs office (we all see same doc) so he's gonna ask about recs for something stronger.

But moms...can I get your recs?  My friends have said aquaphor but LO is in the "rub everything on my face" stage.  I'm so afraid he'll get it in his eyes, not to mention mommy was covered in aquafor after I put him to bed the other night. 

Re: super dry skin, Lotion recs?

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