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Afraid to go to work

I really really just need this baby to come already. I haven't been to work in a week and I'd really rather not use up all of my vacation. However, I'm too scared to go to work. Everyone including my doc keeps saying how quickly they think things are going to go for me once they really get started since I'm already 4cm and fully effaced that I'm afraid I'll end up birthing a baby at work. I live about 5 mins from the hospital, but work is 45 mins from the hospital in the opposite direction. If I went into labor there, I'd have to wait 45 mins for DH to come pick me up since I assume I wouldn't be able to drive myself and then it would take another 45 mins to get to the hospital. I figure they would end up calling an ambulance and then I'd have that bill to pay in addition to the embarrassment and gawking of everyone in my building to deal with forever. Now I understand why some women refuse internal checks. If I didn't know my progress then I'd have less to worry about right now. Am I being silly about this or are my fears warranted? My due date is tomorrow, by the way and I've been having constant contractions for weeks...just none strong enough yet. Thoughts? Wwyd? 

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