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Capt - Wanted to say thank you for recommending "Parenting the Hurt Child." I should have read it sooner.  I feel like I was focused on general parenting/toddler development books since we were knew parents.  I naively thought that because we were adopting children under 5, that the book would be geared toward older child adoption.  Everything there makes a lot of sense, but also explains why some of the stuff we were trying was not working.

In general, things in our house have calmed down.  We still have lots of bumps, but both boys are attaching and there have been some positive behavioral changes.  We started therapy, which has been a combo of family sessions and parent/couple sessions.  The therapist is very knowledgeable of attachment/trauma, and prob won't do any individual work with either child.

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Re: **Capt Serious** and General Update

  • I'm so happy to hear this!  We felt the same way when we first read Parenting the Hurt Child.  It was light things that had been happening finally made sense.

    What I can say more than everything is, this: stick with it. Your love

  • Thank you for the book recommendations. We are seriously considering becoming foster parents rather than continuing with the adoption process and I think these books may be helpful for us as we explore what that might mean for our family.
    ***************************** Our beautiful daughter was born in October 2009. Turns out she was quite the miracle. After two years of TTC, diagnosed with DOR. A couple of failed treatment cycles later, we decided to let go of our hope for more biological children and explore adoption.
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