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I just thought I would re-introduce myself since I am hoping to become a more active poster here. I was here a little last year, but we put adoption on hold for a while when we decided to move across the country (and back to my hometown). Now that we've gotten new jobs and bought a house, we are talking about adoption again. DH is 34 and I'm 33... we TTCed for a long time (since 2010), and were miserable failures at it-- we drew the line at IVF b/c I just didn't want to put all of those meds in my body, especially since Clomid and injectibles did nothing to stimulate my ovaries. I am finally feeling at peace with the fact that I won't ever be pregnant. I struggled with that for a long time.

Exciting news: we met with a social worker last night, and are signing up to foster to adopt-- we're working with a local non-profit rather than DSS because the non-profit seems to have a much more extensive parenting training, and support network once the child is placed. They were also very responsive when I was emailing all of the local agencies, and I am taking that as a good sign.

We are open to placements of any sex, race, and up to age six. We think we're open to small sibling groups as well. It is all so overwhelming and exciting. I am ready to jump right in, and I think my husband is more wary right now... he's excited to adopt, but scared that we won't know what to do with a toddler or young child with behavioral issues. I'm scared about that too and am hoping that the training will help us to feel more confident.

I've read Adoption for Dummies, and Instant Mom, and just downloaded a couple of parenting books to my Kindle. Unfortunately, it has been hard to find lots of good information about foster to adopt, so if anyone has additional resources to send my way, I would be happy to check them out. Sorry this is so long, and I look forward to getting to know you all. 

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