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Hyland's teething tablets

Have any of you MSPI moms used these teething tablets for your kids? I read that they contain lactose - but they say that it is such a small amount that it shouldn't matter.  Wondering if anyone has tried these? Am worried to, but don't want to continue giving my 5 month old tylenol everyday....he's having a really rough time with the eating - completely refusing to eat. 

Re: Hyland's teething tablets

  • I gave these to DD when she was under a year. I didn't see that they contained lactose and she broke out in a rash on her chin. I was very annoyed at how small the print was that mentioned lactose.

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  • we couldn't use them (dairy allergy).  He would have some serious issues when i gave them to him.   What worked for us was freezing wet rags and letting him chew on it.  but all kids are different.. my DS2 wouldn't touch frozen rags, i
  • My son has a milk, soy, oat, tree nuts, peanuts, coconut & mustard allergy and he's fine with it. He is not MSPI though.
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