April 2013 Moms

Can I get this off my Chest,

Dear Friends. Family, Husband, Co-workers,

                          Yes, I am 37 weeks pregnant, but no I'm not broken. Please stop telling me I'm not allowed to do things. Husband, Yes I can help you take out the trash. Yes I can clean and finish the nursery. Dearest JoE, What makes you think I can't walk up stairs? Work, Yes I may need to sit a little more than normal, but I'm not broken I can still do things. If something needs to get done and no one else is doing it, or by it not getting done its preventing me from leaving early I will want to make sure its done.

Vent over.

I don't know how many times I have to tell someone/people I'm pregnant not broken.

Re: Can I get this off my Chest,

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