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I returned to work last week after a 13 month mat leave, so DD is now in full time daycare. It is not going well. She cried today for an hour and a half after I dropped her off, and periodically during the day. Last week wasn't much better.She's not napping well there, and I'm sure a lot of the problem is that she's not used to being around other kids, let alone strangers. Up until last week, the longest we'd been apart was 5 or 6 hours. 

My poor baby is just having such a hard time, she's generally such a happy little girl. It's breaking my heart that she's so sad, but staying at home is not an option.

The sitter hasn't said anything directly, but I get the feeling she may be asking me to find other arrangements. She takes care of 4 other kids, and while I understand that it must be difficult with DD crying so much, today was only her 5th day.

I have no idea what to do, I just started a new job this week, and while leaving to get my daughter wouldn't be an issue in an emergency, taking time off right now is not something I would like to even ask about. I just got there.

 How long does it usually take for kids (and mommy) to get better with the separation? Is there anything you recommend that could help me make this easier for her ?


(I just need to win the lotto and retire) 

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