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Yet another contraction question (tmi)

So last time my water broke first and I knew I was definitely in labor and DD was sunny side up so it was a lot of crazy back labor.  

This time around I've been having contractions that have gotten steadily more painful but not closer together (about 1 hour to 30 mins apart).  Question is, the contractions I've been getting this afternoon put a ton of pressure on my butt, like super painful butt pain where I feel like something is going to rocket out if I don't clench.  Normal, yes?  No?

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Re: Yet another contraction question (tmi)

  • Have you had an internal lately?? Butt pressure can be a sign of being far along in dilation, which is why I ask. But hard to tell if that could be coming into play if you haven't been checked recently....

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  • i have a lot of "butt pain" and i am not dilated at all.. i am a FTM and i have asked about this and they never seem to give me a def answer :/ my pain feels like she is grabbing my insides and pulling up or sometimes it feels just like lighting pain

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  • Yeah I keep thinking it's just a nerve.  Glad I'm not the only one experiencing it!  They just feel so different from last time, it's really throwing me for a loop.

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  • I JUST said this to my husband. My first was sunny side up and ended with foreceps and tears and bleeding for 3 months. Not fun. Every time I get a BH this time around I can feel pressure in my rear. I am terrified it will be a replay of my first labor. I
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  • I'm getting the same pain and was going to ask dr about it next appointment. I had a pretty difficult time trying to google this topic, I might add. I don't recommend trying.
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  • I declined the internals too.

    Lol to googling this!! 

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  • I'm in the same boat right now. Water broke with my 1st, and I never felt contractions until they started pit. That started so painful that I'm not sure what to think this time around. I've been getting little contractions for about a week, but they aren'
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