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I think I've ordered everything I need finally.

I *think* I've got enough to get by during the first weeks, and then figure out what else we need as we go. If anyone feels like taking a look and seeing if I missed anything, please feel free.

Here's what I have ordered or bought: 

-The bassinet (We're still deciding on a crib since we cancelled our order for the Stokke since it was lost somewhere.)

-Two extra fitted sheets for the bassinet

-Car seat


-One moby wrap

-3 packs of disposable newborn diapers, and a friend is lending me some cloth diapers while we figure out what works for us so we can buy with knowledge.

-Disposable wipes and cloth wipes. 

-A borrowed breast pump (same friend), with all new fittings. Breast ice packs and disposable breast pads.

-4 various baby bottles, again to see what we like once we've established breast feeding. Mulitple Medela storage bags, steam sanitizer bags, etc.

-A slipcovered glider

-A nosefrida booger sucker and extra filters.

-A Piyo nail clipper set

-Two hooded towels. (No bath, we're planning on using the sink if we can due to limited storage space.)

-Two swaddle me's, and two swaddle blankets.

-One lightweight blanket, one heavier blanket, a crochet blanket, and a flannel blanket. (Gifts)

-A wetbag.

-A variety of tank top/short sleeve/long sleeve onesies. A couple 'cute' outfits for pictures. A few sleep gowns. One pair of shorts. (I'm planning on ordering baby legs, too.)

-3 pack of mittens and two skull caps.

-Butt cream

-A Moby Wrap

-Rattle booties, and a regular toy rattle.

Still to come, my mom is making us some burp cloths and a changing pad, and I need to buy a hamper and something for dirty cloth diapers. Oh, and I need to pick up some nipple cream and baby wash, but I haven't decided on brand yet. 

Have I missed something I really need in the beginning? I was planning on waiting to see what he liked in terms of swing, bouncer, etc. 

***ETA. I have looked at various lists on the web. But writing it out and discussing it helps me, so hence my post. So thanks to anyone who took the time to read it. :) 



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