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WWYD? Induction

So I am just thinking out loud over here. Nothing has been offered but I have a feeling it will be.

I am 38w on Wednesday. At 36w5d I had an ultrasound to check fluid and baby's size. She was measuring a day or two over 38w and weight estimate of 7lbs5oz. Was told at my 37w appt this is in the 85th percentile and they scheduled me for a growth scan at 39w.

I won't lie, I am worried about a 9lb plus baby. I know my body is designed to deliver her and all that jazz but if she's still big at 39w and doesn't come before my EDD, would I be crazy to ask for an induction 1 or 2 days after my EDD if my cervix is favorable? I'm worried about what weight she will be at 41 or 42w. But I definitely don't want to induce before 40w.

My EDD was calculated by dating ultrasound, not LMP. I have PCOS and actually got pregnant on a 3 month cycle unexpectedly but most welcome since we were actively trying so I can't compare the 2. But I am 99.9 percent positive her due date it correct.
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