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Feel like an idiot - Deli Meat w/Dairy

My son has a dairy allergy and I've occasionally give him deli turkey with no problems. Not even thinking it may contain a dairy product. Today at lunch I gave him some and his whole face broke out in hives so I quickly looked at the ingredients (which I obviously should have done before) and sure enough, nonfat dry milk it the 3rd thing listed! 

I called the allergist, she said to give him Benadryl and watch his breathing. The hives went away quickly and so far no vomiting, swelling, etc. The first time he reacted to dairy he had hives and vomiting. So now we have an Epi Pen and I have it standing by today... ugh, I get bad mom of the day award.

I guess the point of my post is to watch out for the ingredients in deli meat! No more deli meat for my guy, as now it also made me think of the cross contamination going on at those deli counters. 

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Re: Feel like an idiot - Deli Meat w/Dairy

  • There are deli meats without dairy. Whenever I get deli meat for our milk allergic daughter (which I only get it at whole foods because they keep the meat on one side and the cheese on the other) I always ask them to change their gloves. They do not norma
  • i know what you are going through.  we found my sons milk allergy at 10month old and he didnt outgrow it until he was 5.  just remember to read every lable every time you buy something. but dont feel bad when you miss something dairy i

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  • you can buy per-packaged deli meat (apple gate is a good brand).

    you also have to worry about nuts and cc with deli meat.  Some meat have nuts in them. 

    Crazy - just makes you be more aware. 

    Glad your guy is doing bet

  • Yeah, weird right! Look into Thumans some of theirs do not contain milk. But, its only certain ones. I think the same for Boars Head. I don't remember which ones. I also got Black Bear, I think, from Whole Foods that did not contain milk.
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