3 week old, does not sleep much during day, related to BF?


I just want to make sure I'm not crazy.  Our 3 week old (March 16) EBF baby does not really sleep for any "stretches" during the day.  He'll sleep at the breast for some time (basically as long as I can be still), then wake up as I move about.  He will fall asleep at the breast and then I can sneak him into a bouncer or swing and he'll stay there maybe 40 minutes to an hour.  He does sleep well at night, 3 hour stretches or so, I think  (I don't really pay attention because we co-sleep and I just feed him and we both collapse again). 

He will take one really long nap in the afternoon, say 3 hours, usually in the swing.

Mostly I spend all day carrying him and nursing him.  I don't mind this terribly, but it would be nice to know there are some nap times coming. And my back hurts.  

I think that I rarely have any quantity of milk--when he did take a long nap one afternoon I pumped and got just shy of an ounce (total, both sides).  So I am thinking he has to just nurse and nurse and nurse to get what he needs.  He has lots of wet diapers and at least a few dirty ones every day, and he's gained back his birthweight and is visibly chunking up. 

I know there are growth spurts at around 3 weeks, but he's been like this since he got here.  I don't really know my question, but thought maybe you folks would have some encouragement/advice/shoulder patting. : )


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Re: 3 week old, does not sleep much during day, related to BF?

  • About an oz per feed is NORMAL for a 3 week old.

    Get a carrier. Use it. It will help your arms and back. Smile

    All babies are different, and this early on things ch

  • An oz pumping, both sides combined, is a normal amount of milk to pump, not just at this age either, in general.

    3 week olds have their own schedule that's for sure. They cluster feed during growth spurts and some sleep all day, like my kid,
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  • Some babies are not 3w my LO still slept a lot but by 4w that was over and she would only take 30 minute naps - about 5 of them a day at that age (now she still only naps 30-45 min but only takes 2 naps daily).  One thing that helped

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  • I would have done anything for 40 minute naps with one 3 hour one with my boys at that age. Mine were more like 10 or 20 minutes with a 40 minute being the long nap of the day. Don't worry it passes.
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