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Induction Update

I appreciate all the perspectives/advice/support you ladies gave me yesterday about a possible induction!  After the drs office calling Friday to remind me that I would go past my due date, and we'd be talking induction today I was pretty upset.  I met with my doctor who was absolutely amazing.  Hospital policy won't let you go past 41 weeks without doctors permission.  Thankfully he's the department head!  He is not on call or scheduled to be in the birthing center the next two weeks, so we discussed my birth plan and updated it.  He doesn't think it's medically necessary to induce.  We set up a 41 week appointment, but at this point he said my chances of making it to that appt were very small.  If we do make the appointment next week we will be induced on Tuesday.  I'm glad to finally have an end date, but hoping and praying LO decides to come sometime in the next week!

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