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Best clothing brands for long skinny babies?

DS will be two months this week and we're in a but of an interesting situation. He is built like DH which means he has a very long torso and not so long legs. In addition, he isn't a chunky baby either he's 23in 10lbs and his clothes don't fit that great. He fits in newborn bottoms but onesies are too short and baggy. Which brands work better for longer thinner babies?

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Re: Best clothing brands for long skinny babies?

  • I'm in the same boat- both my kids are built like DH (6'-5" and skinny)

    DD was the same way, and this LO is proving to be the same. Carter's always worked best for DD, luckily she was born in the summer so it was lots of dresses and bloomers or t

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  • My little guy is long n lean. He's 26" and 12.5 lbs. 

    I find as a general rule, that Carter's has the best selection for tall n skinny. They seem to have outfits for short/squat and long/lean. Other stores/brands seem to tend toward the 50%

  • Not sure if these would help, but I have friends with long skinny babies that have bought these...or another brand like it. But basically it helps to lengthen onesies to get more wear. If your LO is only outgrowing length, the might help be a temporary so
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  • DS1 is like this and we've found Carters and Old Navy to work best for him. 
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  • At his 2 month check up DS was 23.25" and 10.5lbs. The plain white 0-3 month Gerber onesies fit him the best. The Carter's onseies in the 3 month size fit his length but are too baggy around the legs. Overall, I find Carter's and Baby Gap fit him well but
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  • Really good to know! My little guy is long, lean, but has such short legs. :)

  • Carters work best for our long and skinny little one. I agree that Gerber is not for skinny babies.
  • Gerber!  Although they run small, so buy a size or 2 up.

    Maybe they changed things, but the ones that we got when DD was born were teeny.  In fact, DD2 wore 3-6m Gerber onesies under her NB clothes and they

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  • gymboree and hatley 

    Hatley is expensive and I can only find it online, but they do make stuff really long. My baby boy is in the 99th percentile in length so I know what you are going through! 


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  • Struggling with this too, DS is not super long, but ver skinny 1st percentile weight. Haven't found pants that fit him yet; he's wearing 0-3 months Carter's and Gymboree pants, but if you are not careful the pants will fall right off.  We have a few
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