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2 month shots, not as bad as I thought...

I've been dreading them and it really wasnt that bad. He cried for like 2 minutes and hasn't cried since. Hopefully, the rest of the day goes ok too.
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Re: 2 month shots, not as bad as I thought...

  • Thats good! We have ours coming up and I'm not looking forward to it at all! Hope we get lucky like you guys!
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  • Yes, except he's taking a marathon nap and now my boobs are about to explode! Off to pump I go!
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    Our Sweet Boy "LJ"
  • Same here! Caleb had his today also and he screamed his head off when they gave them to him but since I comforted and fed him right after he's been fine, mostly just sleepy. Did you give Tylenol anyway? I did, but only half the dosage.
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  • Colton got his at 11am, has slept most of the day, but when he is awake he's inconsolable until he gets to nurse, and then there's no putting him down or he really freaks. I don't mind the extra cuddles, and he was fine at the office, no tears, and slept
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  • We did ours this morning. Not a super fun time but not as bad as I expected. Also, when the dr went to check her out, she ripped a huge fart. I couldn't stop laughing!

    I had heard that giving Tylenol may interfere with the vaccinations and th
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  • My LO did pretty well too.  He cried during them but stopped as soon as they were over and just was sleepy all day.  I think we lucked out!



  • We had a good experience too. She cried for like 10 seconds, we nursed right after, she slept a bit and was happier than normal when she woke up! I was thinking if shots put her in such a good mood, we should do it more often lol!
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  • We had ours today too. Typical screaming his head off during the shots, but as soon as I picked him up he calmed down. The best part today was after his nap. I got a smile marathon out of him! Besides, after his circumcision last week, the shots seem like
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  • Unfortunately, not so smooth here :(  Its been about 5 hours since the shots, and DS is positively screaming inconsolably.  Like, freak out the neighbors screaming.  I've given him tylenol, now can't think of anything to do other than hold
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