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It's hard to surrender LO to DH

Call me crazy, but I have a hard time completely surrendering LO to DH. For us to be first time parents at an older age, I will be the first one to give us both credit for adjusting to this new life change that we never anticipated as this pregnancy was a complete surprise. We are learning many things as we go. Bottom line is neither of us have had much practice besides babysitting a niece or nephew here and there but never a newborn. Newborns always made us nervous. So we both are actually doing pretty good and I'm surprised at how much comes natural.

I'm a SAHM for now while DH works so most of LO's care comes from me and I must say it is exhausting day in and day out. When DH comes home in the evening and on the weekends, I feel relieved because I can freely shower or eat or whatever. However even though I feel relieved, I never totally relieve myself. I'm always looking or lurking around a corner if LO cries with DH ready to sooth LO or "help out" DH; further delaying my shower or my dinner or any errands that I may need to run. DH is offended 1) because he thinks I don't trust him to "do as good a job with LO" as myself. 2) because I act like I could use the break or relief when I'm with LO alone but as soon as DH says...go do something for yourself..I'll take the baby, I act and even feel relieved but I never totally relieve myself. Even if he gets up at night on the weekend with LO, I still somehow have the urge to help if LO cries a little longer while with DH but at the same time, I know I could and actually do want the relief. But I have to make a conscious effort NOT to intervene. Ugh! Does this make any freakin' sense at all?


Re: It's hard to surrender LO to DH

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