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Stage 2 car seat, when?

So, I was looking at the weight and height restrictions for my Chicco Keyfit30 car seat for LO. The weight restriction is 22lbs and height 30in. LOs last visit to the doctor was a month ago and he weighed almost 18lb (lil porker!) So, when we go next month for his 6 month check up I am sure he is going to be around that 20lb mark. Should I go ahead and switch him to the stage 2 car seat? The car seat I will be purchasing said it can seat a baby as small as 4lbs so it wouldn't hurt him, but I will miss the convenience of being able to pull the car seat out and pop it into the stroller. Also, I heard that he may lose weight once he starts crawling so not to switch him just yet...what do you ladies think?

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Re: Stage 2 car seat, when?

  • You can pretty much switch to a convertible seat whenever you want, as long as it is before LO maxes out the infant seat on height and weight. We switched DS before 6 months, as he hated the recline on the infant seat, and I got a really good deal on our
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  • I was planning on switching DS when he hits the 5, 5 1/2 mark because I think by then I'll be tired of carrying around his infant seat. He is already almost 15 pounds at just over 3 months.

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  • What the others said. With DS he wasn't close to the height or weight on the infant seat but he hated it ... So once he could sit well in highchairs, shopping carts, etc i switched him. I think it was about 6 months. DD also hates the carseat but a 5 mont
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  • You can switch whenever you want-some people skip the infant carrier altogether. I often leave the seat in the car when we go places because its so heavy now. But we still have snow here, so we're waiting for warmer weather to make the switch. I like havi
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  • You can go to a convertible seat at any time.  We never used an infant carrier.  We brought DS home from the hospital in his convertible seat.  But yes, if your LO reaches the 22lb weight limit of your current seat, you MUST switch him to s
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  • We moved DS to a convertible around 8 months. At that point he was sitting up well and getting heavier to where I didn't want to carry the infant carrier around anymore. Since your baby is heavier I think you'll just have to switch once the weight limit i
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