adoption after a preemie

Any other moms on this board considering adoption after your preemie? Just curious because it's something that's lightly on my mind...not seriously thinking about it as it would be something that's further down the road since my son is only 6 months right now. We have absolutely decided not to have another biological child, but I always thought I would have 2 children. I think my husband is fine with 1, but I don't know about myself...don't know if I'll be fine with it...don't know if I'll feel like our family is complete as DS grows older....just don't know yet and that's okay. Just curious if anyone else is considering adoption....
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Re: adoption after a preemie

  • Adoption has been on my mind since before we got married.  (Maybe deep down, I knew my body was all f-ed up or something?)  We'll see how things go with this one before deciding if adoption would be something we consider as a possibility for

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  • My husband and I have always talked about adoption and are still very much interested. We have also decided to not try for more biological children but don't necessarily feel our family is complete yet. It's something that is on hold for now but we'll l
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  • Thanks for the replies ladies. I have had adoption in my mind for a long time, as well. I even used to pretend that some of my dolls were my biological children and some of them were adopted! :) Definitely it is an option for the future, if at some point
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  • It's been on my mind recently which is strange considering DD is only 3 months and I had never thought I'd be interested in adopting.

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