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Hi!  My SIL, who had a baby in December, just called asked me if my girls ever had really stiff limbs when they were infants. She went on to say that when her DD was first born her fists and arms seemed stiff most of the time, but they've just started noticing her legs will always be out straight out and stiff.  She said her drs never mentioned anything at her check ups in the past but she is going to take her DD to the dr. to get it checked out.  I was looking a bit online and CP came up, but I'm a little confused.  I always thought that was diagnosed at birth and that it wasn't something that would develop new symptoms later on like that?? Does anyone know if it can present like that? 


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  • Sometimes mild CP is dx'd when a child is older. One of DS's friend was dx'd when he was about 5. His most obvious symptom is that he is just really clumsy.
  • Usually CP isn't diagnosed until much later, unless a child has some sort of trauma (stroke, hypoxic ischemia, prematurity).

    Is she a very colicky baby?  If she's that concerned have her ask her pedi.  They may offer a referal to a neur

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  • CP is not a progressive dx.  That means that children can't develop CP at a later age - and it does not get worse with time (though, it will manifest itself in different ways as a child matures).  So, you are partially correct.  If a chi

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  • Thank you all for your helpful responses!  She did say my niece is pretty colicky but I don't think she'd noticed other issues.  She wasn't premature and no trauma that I know of.  I told her my girls often did a lot of fist and arm clenchi
  • My son was dx at 8 months. We always knew he was behind but didnt see him not using his left arm until about 6 mo sinc  thats when he started reaching for stuff. I think it depends on each case when the symptoms will be noticeable. We were referred t
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  • CP can be diagnosed pretty much whenever (birth to young child).  Some neurologists won't diagnose until after 3 but there are plenty of children who are diagnosed as babies.  DS2 (now 3.5) was diagnosed at just shy of 10mos.  CP is diag

  • CP is typically diagnosed closer to 2 now unless there's something very significant happening. Some doctors will diagnose much earlier, but I think it's pretty common now to wait. I know of many babies who were stiffer early on who do not have CP. DS w

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