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1st soccer practice.. not so good

My son is 5 yrs this month and we just put him on his first soccer team! He was excited about it at first but during practice he kept sitting down on the field and wanting to sit on the bench. He seems a little behind b/c he is on the 5 year old team and there are a few kids that have been playing for 2-3 years. On the way home he was crying b/c he didnt make a goal. Im just concerned b/c I really want him to get involved in something! I know its not good to push it on him either. I tried to get him to practice the next day and he wants nothing to do with soccer now. Any advice for me? Should I just keep sending him? Is this normal?
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Re: 1st soccer practice.. not so good

  • Some kids do not do that well with team sports and that is okay - has he played any other team sports?  Has he shown any interest in soccer before you put him onto this team?  Did the coach try to engage him or was he not sure how to deal wit


  • I would definitely bring him back.  He's probably never had to run that much, he's just out of shape.  No big deal, he'll get there.  He also needs to understand that soccer is a team sport and sometimes we make goals, sometimes we ass
  • DS1 was the same way. I think it can be hard when they come to the realization that they're not going to be the best at everything they want to do. Such is life!

     I would definitely take him back, and praise when you notice that he is

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  • Maybe try an individual sport?  Both of my kids have gotten a lot more out of individual sports than they have out of team sports.  

    I think soccer is a particularly har

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    It was his first soccer practice... give him a break. And tell him that it is okay that he did not score and that all that matters is that he is having fun.

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  • Definitely give him some more time, but set a deadline for him to get used to it, in case he still doesn't like it.  We tried gymnastics last year with DD and she hated it.  I thought it would get better as she got better, but it just got worse.
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  • I think that sometimes when kids try something new they have an expectation in their mind of how it's going to be. For him, maybe he saw himself being the goalie king & didn't realize there are a lot of drills & such you have to learn to play t

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