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Angel care monitor

We just got an angel care for a gift but I am wondering how necessary it is. We have a nice camera monitor for when she is napping and since DH is back at work already, I usually sleep in the nursery at night so we don't wake him up. They gave us a gift receipt so I can take it back easily. I just think the concept is something I'm not I interested in unless someone convinces me otherwise.
Any STM or FTM have any opinions one way or another on this? TIA!

Re: Angel care monitor

  • I'm totally with you on this. I had so many people tell me to get that monitor and I just could see for myself that having the extra reassurance was necessary. I'm a FTM, SAHWM. I just bought the summer video monitor. Our little girls room is right next t
  • I think this will really depend on your comfort. I personally don't have a monitor at all. Never had one with any of my girls. The only time I used one was when the girls went down for a nap at MIL in the summer and we were outside in the backyard. I felt
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  • Neurotic FTM here... I don't think it's a necessity and ALL of my friends have chosen not to use a movement monitor, but my hubby and I feel that (even with the risk of false alarms) it will help us to sleep better and worry less  when we are not rig
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  • Not for me. Even though it alarms when baby doesn't move I feel like I would lay awake listening for it to go off. We have a video monitor simply because we live in a big house. I wonder how I survived in a drop side crib with bumpers and no monitors at

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  • It helped me to sleep better with my first.  She used to wake up choking all the time, and I worried that she might choke at night and I would sleep through it.  I don't know whether I'll use it again this time around.
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  • image kimmarie1105:
    I wonder how I survived in a drop side crib with bumpers and no monitors at all!!


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  • My friend's 4 month old stopped breathing, and this monitor caught it.  They were able to perform CPR until paramedics arrived.  So it does work, but she says there are a TON of false alarms that make you go crazy.  So it just depends on


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