For all fraternal twin mommies

If you have fraternal twins (same gender or not) and they don't look anything alike...has anyone ever told you that they can't possibly be twins because they look nothing alike?

DS looks just like his father.  Olive skin, dark eyes, dark hair moose.  lol

DD is from the milkman.  Pale skin (I have that),  blue eyes, blond hair.  A peanut.

I get asked all the time if they are twins and then sometimes get told that they can't be because they look nothing alike.

So frustrating! 

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Re: For all fraternal twin mommies

  • I haven't gotten that exact response. But I do get asked ALL the time if they are twins. It seems like it would be pretty obvious that since I have two babies of the same size/ age they are probably twins, but I guess not!

    I'm discovering that pe

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  • Um, YES! our twins are the same as yours - DS looks like me (olive, dark hair) and DD is fair, blonde and blue eyed like DH. She is 2+lbs less than him, so everyone asks "are they twins?" response: yes. "they don't look anything alike!" response: well,

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  • It is amazing how little people know about twins. Like when I tell people I can tell my IDs apart they ask "So they aren't really identical then?" *facepalm* ("No, no, silly person, I just call them 'identical' because if I said 'monozygotic' this conv

  • My girls are identical and yet the.most.popular comment i have gotten while.out.and about so far (which granted isn't much) is, "Are they.twins?. (I.can.tell them.apart, but most.people can't). People are just clueless.about twins i think.
  • Yes, I get those comments 99% of the time. "So they're NOT really twins, huh?" ugh

     I told DH I'm gonna just start flashing my ONE c-section scar to the next person who gets rude about it!

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  • People did not pay attention in health/biology class! Nobody knows anything about twins!
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  • my boys look nothing alike.  We had one person who asked me if they were both my children.  I said yes they were twins.  She looked at me in awe.  Cause as you can see from the pic baby a is lighter than baby b.
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  • Yeah, I have a brown/brown and a blonde/blue twin. I just go with it and say they are but look nothing alike. I do find it a little funny how unlike each other they look. I usually get asked if the blonde one like like dad, but he looks more like both gra
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  • Yep! And then they go on to tell me about all of the REAL twins that they know. Because I care about your grandmothers cousins aunts reproductive history. Really...I do...
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  • This just happened last week in the grocery store. DD has beautiful light blue eyes, DS has dark blue gray eyes (but appear brown at first glance because they're dark). A lady says, "She has blue eyes....he has brown-how can they be twins?"


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  • I get strangers telling me they are ID. Nope, different face shapes, skin tone, eye color and different builds mean fraternal.

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  • So far, they at least look somewhat related, a little - but they're very diverse. Simon has fairer skin than James. Simon is developing hazel/brown eyes, James' eyes are brightening into a deep blue. Simon is over 10lbs, James still hasn't even hit 9lb

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    Yep! And then they go on to tell me about all of the REAL twins that they know. Because I care about your grandmo
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  • Mine look so different most people don't realize that they're twins, but when they do I get this. DD looks like DH and DS looks like me, and DD is about 10 lbs bigger. It really throws people for a loop.
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  • LOL, yep!
    Until they were 9-10 months old, it was always, "Oh wow, how do you tell them apart?" Even though they've always had different features and coloring. Then their hair grew in more and suddenly we were getting the "They can't possibly be twi

    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • Oh and the "not REAL twins" thing is beyond ridiculous.
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • I agree its annoying!!  My two don't look alike some similar features but different hair color etc.
  • Mine are B/G and favor each other a lot. I get "oh, they must be identical" all.the.time. 
  • Mine are b/g and you can tell they are siblings for sure, but people often ask me if they are identical.
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  • I have people argue with me.  Um..I was in the delivery room :)
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    Our twins aren't born yet, but DH and I joke that we're going to have one Asian baby (like him) and one super pale redheaded baby (like me). I can't imagine the confusion that would cause!
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  • cadencaden
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    No one has told me they can't be twins but some do seem shocked that they ARE twins yet look so different. Some people apparently think all twins are ID. More strangers ask me how I tell me kids apart. Ummm since one has blond curly hair and one has strai
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    No one has told me they can't be twins but some do seem shocked that they ARE twins yet look so different. Some people
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • aahixaahix member
    I just had mine last week, so I haven't gotten that yet. Right now I'm in the stage of everyone asking if they're identical or fraternal. One has dark hair and more olive skin, and one is a little more fair skinned, and has a small amount of light brown a
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  • I'm late to this party, but I'll answer anyways.

    My two are obviously fraternal - B/G. They're pretty much the same size (1 lb difference) and for the most part have similar characteristics.

    I've had several people claim they're not twins,

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  • I was completely twin ignorant before oh... 10 weeks ago then I did tons of research.

    Things I used to think:

    1. if they were the same sex, they were ID... if they weren't, they were fraternal.

    2. They are of course always the same si

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  • Not too often.  We're certain they're frat (baby A's blood type is A+, B's is B+).  When they were first born, still in the OR before I had a chance to see them, the nurses commented on how alike they looked.  I've had a few people say they

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  • I get this alot too. 

    My girl has brown hair and brown eyes and dark skin (the italian really shows in her) and my boy has blonde hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin (the irish is in him) but people seem to think they are "identical".&nb


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