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Anyone else's LO still not STTN?

E still does not STTN. I hate complaining because she goes to bed great- we lay her down and she will fuss for a minute and go right to sleep. She is a great napper- again will go down with minium fussing/crying and nap on average 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

However...she will get up about 1-2 times per night. I try to let her cry herself back to sleep sometimes, but other times she will not be able to fall back asleep on her own. I  will go get her and either rock her to sleep, give her the boob, or both.  Does anyone else have a LO who still does not sleep through the night?

Also, my supply has dropped recently  and with TTC and possibly becoming pregnant in the near future, I think I am ready to be done nursing E....



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Re: Anyone else's LO still not STTN?

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