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New, and in need of advice

Hi ladies! I stumbled on this board via Yahoo and could really use some advice. My son, Greyson, is 16 months old and has some odd health issues. He was full term, but only because I got shots of turb twice a week from 20 weeks to 30 weeks. He has had 5 surgeries now, for several issues including tubes for sever hearing loss. 

He is now considered "hard of hearing" and has major speech delays. I'm trying to figure out how to go about getting hooked into some sign language classes. I'm not looking for "baby sign" or other such things, but real signing. Greyson can hear, technique, but what he hears is similar to when you're in another room and hear someone ask you a question. You can hear that someone has spoken to you, but can't understand... if that makes sense.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? He does get PT, OT, Speech, and Feed therapies, so we're obviously working with his therapists as well. 

Thank you! 

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