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Mother's Day

I just saw that it will be on May 12th, which isn't too far away. Do you plan something special? 

I will add it to our family calendar and see what happens. We don't usually celebrate these "holidays", but maybe I'll get some chocolate out of this. At least I tried. :-P 

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Re: Mother's Day

  • The UK celebrates Mother's Day in March...when I was back in the States! That is right before our big trip to Germany/France with the inlaws so I will probably be spending that weekend packing/getting the house cleaned in preparation of their visit...a



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    It's the same day as DH's bday. He planned a motorcycle trip over that weekend, so we probably won't celebrate. 
  • Last year DH let me sleep in and I slept until 11:30am!  It was AMAZING :)  I would take that again this year.

    We just booked our trip to France in July so I told him no presents.  I truly mean that because a trip for 5 for 12 da


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  • We usually celebrate but this year my little sister is graduating from college so we will be driving back that day. Sounds eventful!
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  • We typically end up spending it with DH's family because DH's birthday is the 8th. 

    I don't mind, but it is never doing something I enjoy. Just once I'd like to do something I enjoy for mother's day. Oh well if that's my biggest is

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  • Last month I asked my husband if he'd be up for forgetting about Mother's Day and Father's day gifts and simply letting our daughter choose how she'd like to spend the day with us once she's old enough...and I said, until she is old enough to tell us that
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