Way ahead of myself here..

Question for all of you RCS ladies:


I ended up with a section due to a large baby and no progression.  My doctor/midwife team made the judgement call to go right to a CS versus inducing me because it was the wiser choice given all the risks involved.

 Just prior to scheduling the CS, my doctor had a conversation with my husband and I about family planning.  He said he hoped we didn't want a large gaggle of kids because the risks rose exponentially with each additional surgery.  He also said he wouldn't advise us to start trying until I'm two years past this surgery to allow optimal time for healing.

Did any of you get similar advice?  I couldn't be happier with our outcome (obviously) and after my midwife declaring my baby to have had the potential to 'tear me to bits' I almost feel like I got off a little easier.  Whew! 

Re: Way ahead of myself here..

  • 3 c sections is really the most any OB would like to do. Maybe you could consider a VBAC for your next one. I just had an RCS and my OB gave the ok on the table for a third because I healed well. But depending on scar tissue etc I have heard of OBs advisi
  • That's what I thought.  We'd probably like just two or three LO's, fairly close in age if possible.  My midwife said we can attempt a VBAC if her measurements comply for safety (my DD's head was 15.5 and she weighed 10lbs 7oz).  Two year

  • My sections were 11 months apart with no complications. Everyone is different, but 2 years does sound a little over precautions.
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  • It depends on the type of c/s (you probably have the normal internal incision) and the amount of in between. I was told to wait 6 months.

    Two of my girlfriends have had 5 c/s.

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  • My OB wasn't specific. He did say that risks went down for either way you delivered (vaginal or a CS) if there was 18 months between births.  Due to both health and money we won't TTC until LO is at least 2.  I really can't believe that h

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  • I had an emergency c-section, and my ob just said I should wait 1 year to get pregnant.
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  • It's 18-24 months between pregnancies but we all know that doesn't always happen!  It's 18-24 regardless of vaginal or c births.   


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  • I asked my OB the same question.  He said that it depends on each person and how their body heals, but at his practice, in general they say to stop around 5 c/s. 

    I have had three and my OB said he doesn't see any problem with me havin

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    My OB didn't give me a timeline but before I was even induced she asked how many kids we want. She said she doesn't really want to do anymore than 3 c/s and apparently said during this c/s we can go for a VBAC next time if we want.

    I want to

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  • My OB wanted me to wait 18 months between pregnancies. We started trying at 12 months, got pregnant at around 15 months. I just couldn't wait that long due to my advanced maternal age, and felt OB was being overly cautious.
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  • image KellyAnne82:

    That's what I thought.  We'd probably like just two or three LO's, fairly close in age if possible.  My

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  • I've always seen the recommendation of waiting about a year if possible to ttc.  I never asked my OB because I really wasn't ready before DD was about 20 months anyway, but know tons of people who've had two csections in less than a two year span. &n
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  • I ended up with a classical cut so I have no chance of VBAC in the future. Complications may keep me from ever having more children. But yes, my dr. said not for 2 years
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