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Last name for baby?

I'm not married im almost 32, have no children, had a miscarriage several months ago, now just found out im pregnant again, little worried bc of the MC my boyfriend and I live together but I do not feel I should be pressured to a. Get married just bc I'm pregnant and b. take his last name, especially since we are not married/not even engaged. He's really mad but I feel I'm correct in feeling this way. Thoughts?

Re: Last name for baby?

  • I'm very traditional but I do not think you should feel pressured to get married. Marriage is a huge commitment and its ok to be great coparents and not stay together. However this is your boyfriends baby too. You get to feel every hiccup, every kick and
  • One of my friends who had a baby with her live-in boyfriend gave the baby her last name as his middle name and the father's last name as the last name.  You could consider doing something like that.  It would be a nice way to include him.

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  • Thanks, that's a great idea! I do want him involved definitely, I just don't want the baby to have a different last name than me, especially if he doesn't see marriage in the future.
  • Wait, he doesn't see marriage in the future?  Oh, OK, I read it wrong.  Definitely do whatever you're comfortable with.
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  • My boyfriend and I have been together for 14 years. We own a home together and have a 10.5 year old and a 14 month old. Both of our daughters are ours. Both girls have his last name because I knew when I got pregnant with the first one that he was going t

  • I'm married but never changed my name. The kids have my husbands last name. It doesn't bother me and its not a big deal
  • When my husband and I got married, I didn't take his name for a variety if reasons. When our son was born, he got my husband's last name and he has mine as one of his middle names. My mom did the same with me and my sister. People get confused with two mi
  • Honestly, if you've gotten pregnant, not once but twice with a man who you don't want to marry or give a child his last name, maybe it's time to end the relationship? I would give the child your last name, if you aren't married or engaged when he is born.
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  • I am very traditional, but I agree with you; I don't want to have a different last name than my child.
    When I first started dating the man that is now my husband I told him that if we got pregnant before we were married that our baby would have my
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  • i say it's your choice. do what you feel comfortable with. i am giving my child my last name, but i know the father won't be in the picture at all. it all depends on what you feel is right.
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  • When my DD was born I was 18 and very sure I was not going to be with the "donor" much longer. I left the hospital without filling in the paternity information and broke down emotionally before we went back to add him. He let it go then let us go (whic

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  • I'm so sorry for your previous loss, and congrats on your new BFP!  I think that you both have a long haul ahead of you to discuss things like taking which last name.  Ultimately, it would be ideal if you could both come to an agreement, but tec

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  • Let me just put this out there to play devil's advocate, because I agree this is 100 your decision. If your BF is a good guy and you think he will be a good, involved dad regardless of whether you get married or even stay together, why do you have the pri
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