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What is the point of the magic?

So, I'm totally going to sound like a scrooge here, but oh well. My husband has questioned me on this, and honestly I don't have a good answer. BTW dh doesn't like it because he remembers finding out santa wasn't real and felt lied to and betrayed. But then, the kid came home talking about leprechauns that turned the toilet water green and left chocolate coins two days before St. Pats (really? toilet water). But the question really pertains to all the characters, santa, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, etc. Why do we perpetuate myths, what is the point of the magic?


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Re: What is the point of the magic?

  • In my family we are big on the "magic" stuff, but I still think this is a great question.  This answer is long, sorry!

    Honestly, although I know my kids have a blast at holidays, I have to say that my DH and I are doing it partly (mostly?) b

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  • That's more fantasy than magic, IMHO.

    When kids are older you can always explain these memes as a shared cultural experience. We do it because it adds color and wonder to our drab and wretched lives. And toilets. And to show we love them.


  • I'm with you - seems like a lot of work to teach them to believe in something that isn't real only to have them disappointed in a few years.  We don't do any of it but DS know what it is and why most people do (and why he's not supposed to "ruin" it
  • It's supposed to be fun. I think doing Santa and the Tooth Fairy are fun. The rest of it ... eh. I don't care that much, so we don't do it.
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  • The point is bringing joy to children.  I loved all of it and never felt lied to or betrayed when I learned the truth.  I enjoy so much sharing that with my children now, and I dread when it's over.  I hope they, too, will appreciate us sha
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  • Fun. I do a lot of things with my kids that have no point. What is the point in sidewalk chalk, bubbles, flying a kite, going to a waterpark? Fun! 
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