For those who have had a RCS: overnight question

For those who have had a RCS, did your DH/SO spend the night with you all the nights you were in hte hospital or did he/she go home to be with your LO?  We're kind of in a conundrum and I'm not sure how necessary DH would be overnight with me vs. being home with DD.  We don't have any family nearby so we're hesitant to call someone to come be with her overnight if she doesn't know them that well anyway.  Let me know your thoughts and if you found it more helpful the second time around to have help at the hospital with the new baby or to have that help at home with LO.

Also, how often did your other LO's come visit while you were in the hospital?  I imagine DH or someone would bring DD daily, but just wondering if it would be too much going on the first day.  Thanks!!

Re: For those who have had a RCS: overnight question

  • We planned to have DH spend two of the four nights at the hospital. He ended up only spending the first night. I preferred having him home with my 17 month old. It was less stressful for me to know he was with her. She only cameto visit me once in the hos
  • DH did not spend any nights at the hospital, i didnt want DD's routine to change too much. he didnt spend all day at the hospital either. he dropped her off with my mom each morning and then my mom would bring her to the hospital for a few hours. then

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  • Even with my first DH didn't stay every night..he went home to get a decent nights sleep on the second night and it was fine.  The nurses brought DD in to me for feedings.  If you are adamant against having your LO sleep in the nursery that m

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  • DH stayed each night in the hospital, but went home from about 11am-9pm very day (except for when he brought ds#1 to the hospital to visit, which was for about 1 hour each day).

    Also, ds#1 and my mom actually got to watch ds#2 be born in a viewin

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  • I haven't actually had my RCS yet, but DH will stay home with DS every night.  It was important to me that things be as "normal" as possible for DS and that means home with DH.  Ironically DS will be spending the night with my ILs the night B

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  • I'm not even pregnant with LO#2 yet, but i'm a nurse on a PP floor so I think about it a lot. haha. What about having your DH stay at home with your LO but having a family member stay with you in the hospital? Obviously it depends on your relationship wit
  • DH went home to stay with DS. He was only in the hospital for a couple hours a day with me. DS came to visit only once on the second day.
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  • MH will be going home to keep Lucas in a routine. My mom will be staying with me. If I didn't have family close by, I would just use the nurses.

    Lucas will be visiting daily.

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  • My husband stayed with me every night.  I suggested he stay home or even go to work, but he wanted to be there with me and the baby.  I am glad he said that and appreciated having him there to help with little stuff, keeping me company, getti

  • H didn't spend any nights with me in the hospital with our 1st or 2nd.  I thought it was kind of silly for us both to be exhausted.  If you need rest, send the baby to the nursery.


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  • image gingerfamily:

    H didn't spend any nights with me in the hospital with our 1st or 2nd.  I thought it was kind of silly for



  • Dh didn't stay overnight even for my first c-section, haha. He stayed the first night, then went home and I had family/friends stay the other three nights. I needed him to be useful, and trust me - he wouldn't have been useful after getting zero s

  • He stayed with me the first night because I wanted to have him there for help, and the baby wasn't allowed in the room alone with me the first night. And then he went home with my oldest to get him back to his routine. He then stayed with me the last n

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  • DH stayed with me and DD stayed with my ILs.  (We were in the process of relocating in the weeks around my EDD, and being close to DH's family was a big part of our decision about where I should have DS.)  We don't live near either family any

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  • For my second c-section, DH staying with me two nights, which meant our DS stayed with his grandparents those two nights.  It was brutal because I missed DS so much.  As it turned out, the doctor let me go home the next day, so we didn't have

  • DH will not be staying with me. DS is in school so I don't want his routine interrupted.
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  • We had my mother come up and watch DD1 so that DH could be in the hospital with me and DD2, and that DD1 could maintain her regular schedule as much as possible. 

    The first night was kind of up in the air since I wasn't sure how I'd be feel

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