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NBR- Inlaw rant

My husbands younger brother, his wife and their son are coming for dinner tonight. We haven't seen them in over a year because they're not speaking to the rest of the family and refusing to attend holidays. As glad as I am to know they want a relationship with us, I'm a little frustrated that my SIL picked right now to ask to see our new house and get together. I'm freaking huge, having contractions (BH) for over a week, and she suggests we invite them over for dinner. 

It doesn't help that my BIL always gives backhanded compliments whenever anyone else cooks, my SIL is extremely competitive about everything especially who has a bigger house,  and their son is just plain socially incompetent. At least the son has an excuse; he's 10. 

I'm really not looking forward to being nice while they politely put us down and judge in an effort to feel better about themselves. 

I just needed to get that off my chest and its not a good idea to do it with my DH, he knows it all already and it doesn't serve any good to make him dwell on it with me.  

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Re: NBR- Inlaw rant

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