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grrrrrrr MIL...

Just talked to my MIL this morning and she asks when we are having another baby. I jokingly tell her it could be a looong time since my 30 hour labor is still giving me nightmares.. She says well you need to do it soon to prove the fortune teller wrong. Supposedly she went to a fortune teller like 20 years ago and she told my MIL that her oldest son would get married, have a daughter and then a few years later his wife would die leaving him and his daughter completely alone the rest of their lives. I have heard this story before, that supposedly I am going to die early but I am getting SO mad that she keeps talking about it! Especially recently! Who tells a pregnant lady and then a new Mom that she is going to die and leave her husband and daughter!? Now today she says the way I am going to die is in a car accident. I dont believe in all that fortune teller crap but I cant get it out of my mind.. I am already a nervous driver with LO as it is. And it makes me so sad to think of leaving them.... Damn pp hormones making it worse, I have been either crying or just super pissed all morning! Oh, and I have repeatedly told her that I dont want to hear about this and she keeps going on and on about all the stuff the fortune teller told her that came true.... grrrrrr
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