Anyone sew? npr

I am about to begin sewing again, but need a new sewing machine... I haven't sewn in years, and when I did it was on my grandma's old school machine. Any recommendations?  I'll be sewing mainly simple dresses, hems, curtains, pillows, and pants.  Budget doesn't really matter. There are just so many to choose from I'm getting confused. Thanks
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Re: Anyone sew? npr

  • A friend who's a professional seamstress recommended a Janome. She said Singer's quality has taken a dive in recent years. I bought the 2212. My first project was drapes and it performed wonderfully.
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  • If I had to sew on a Singer, I wouldn't sew.

    If cost isn't a huge factor, I would suggest an entry level machine from Husqvarna, Pfaff or Bernina- it would be years before you'd "outgrow" such a machine.

    I do weddings and home dec as a

  • Lurker here but I have a Brother sewing machine. It is extremely simple to use and very reliable. I sew often and even made my wedding dress on that machine! I don't think I've ever heard anyone IRL complain about their Brother machine either.

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  • I second the suggestion of a janome. I've had mine for 6 years I love it!
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  • I'm the weirdo that got a new Singer and loves it! When I have a little more money I am thinking of getting a Husqvarna. However, to get one of those with as many stitches and things mine does would cost me a pretty penny.
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