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Shower vs. Tub for Kids?


I don't usually post on her but maybe those with older kids will have advice on this topic. The house we bought has a bath connecting two bedrooms ("jack and jill bath") with a stand-up shower, but no tub. Why they did this, I do not know. The large, deep (awkward for bathing kids!) whirlpool tub in the master is the only tub. I think we should replace the shower in the kids' bath with a regular tub and shower combo. DH thinks we don't need to b/c they "will be taking showers soon anyway" and can use the master tub until then. What say you, especially those with older kids? I am happy to admit it if I am wrong on this and save the money, but if I am right, I don't want to spend years still having all kinds of kid stuff in the master bath.

(kids' ages in tickers. I don't know why I can't update one of them but DD turned 4 in January). Thanks.
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Re: Shower vs. Tub for Kids?

  • That is weird for a Jack & Jill. My house is older, so my MBR is a nice stall shower and my hall bath is a combo.

    DS started showering instead of bathing by 3rd grade, but he was later than a lot of kids because of sensory issues related to water in his face. 

  • Yeah, I'd want to turn it into a tub/shower combo.  We still do baths 95% of the time, only recently doing showers once in awhile if we're in a hurry.  I'm not planning to go all to showers for a couple more years at least.  And I wouldn't want to use the master tub for all that time, we have a large garden tub in our master bath, which we've let them use maybe 2-3 times.  That would be a pain to do that for every bath for years. 

    Plus, if you ever plan to sell the house you'd probably have an easier time selling if it was a tub/shower combo.

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  • If your kids were older I'd say leave it, but you have a lot of years left of baths & it would be easier to do that right by their rooms where all the stuff you need is.  Now, my kids are older but hardly use their J&J tub/shower combo because they like our larger version. Totally fine by me, I'm used to showering with plastic snakes & alligators lol.  But I know as they get older they will want more privacy & won't want to use ours as much.


  • I can't see any tickers on the mobile app. Is your youngest 4? DD2 will be 3 in July, and she won't take a bath anymore. She prefers showers. Both girls love grandma's whirlpool tub. I wouldn't change it unless you have a child under 3.
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  • both my girls are bath girls, and have never taken a shower. I'd want to change it too. 
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  • My 7 year old generally takes a shower.

    My boys (5 & 3) still take baths but sometimes they will get a shower also.  

    My kids think its fun to shower in grandmas whirlpool tub.   

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  • rsd12rsd12
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    I don't think this would be on the top of my priority list. My oldest started taking showers in kindergarten and my 3 and 5 yr old take showers too. I prefer showers for them too! You have a bathtub in the house. I am guessing they won't be bathing without supervision anyway.
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  • Honestly? It's really, really hard to say because all kids are different. And they prefer different things, so it's hard to say what yours will.

    My daughter is 7 and hates showers, so we bathe 99% of the time. She still just enjoys playing in the tub, and we'd be a mess if we had no tub.

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  • I agree with your DH.  Right around age 5 or 6, my kids started taking showers with me standing outside the shower in the bathroom, peeking around the shower curtain to make sure they got all the shampoo out, etc.

    By age 7, both of my kids were showering 100% solo.  They share a bathroom with a stall-type shower, and it works really well.  No one in my family has taken a bath for ages.

    I would just roll with the inconvenience of bathing the little ones in the master tub and work towards shower independence as soon as the kids can deal.  We got my DS a foam visor to wear in the shower that helped him keep the water out of his eyes, and this helped him make the transition.  He was really sensitive about the water hitting his face when he was small. 

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  • DS was 2.5yrs old when we moved into our house.  "His" bathroom is shower only but it's not like he'd ever use that room on his own.  The only tub we have is the step up jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom.  I thought it'd be weird/awkward for bathing him but it was fine.  He's 7 now and has just recently switched to taking showers a little more than half the time...and only because they're faster so he can get back to whatever he wants to do :-P
  • My girls are 5 and 6 (7 in June) and only take showers.  We do baths every so often to play but I hate washing them in the tub.  I would say by age 4, both were taking mostly showers.  My older DD does it totally by herself now and I just hang in the bathroom in case she needs help but I still help my 5 year old.

     For resale value, I would add the tub but for your use, I would not bother and I would start moving the kids towards showers.

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  • DS1 started showering around 2.5 because he wouldn't stop dumping water out of the tub.

    DS2 started showering at around 20 months because he wanted to be like big brother. That's super early, I know, but now he cries if I try to give him a bath instead of a shower.

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  • That is really weird for a jack and jill bath to only have a shower. You have several years of baths left so I would replace it if you don't want them bathing in your tub. 

    DS just started showering in the last few months and still sometimes likes to take a bath to play. DD still takes a bath most of the time. They have a tub/shower combo in their bathroom but typically use ours. I don't think anyone has used their tub in months. They like the big tub in our bathroom and I don't mind them using it. H and I never use it.

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  • My kids are will be 6 in August and 4 in July and both take baths far more often than showers. There's no way I would want to live in a house without a regular tub for them since they only shower occasionally still. And if your ticker is right that you have an infant you have a long time before you have only showerers, so I would definitely switch it out personally. I would also think that a combo would be better for resale.
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  • I would leave it. My DD was 1 and taking showers not by herself of course. I would just take a shower with her to teach her how to shower. You will prob be surprised how much she likes it. 
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