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frustrated L&D trip

So right at supper time I started having contractions every two minutes. I tried to eat and then they got intense. So we pack everything up and DD and off we go. Half way there they start slowing down and by the time they hook me up, they could hardly tell I was having any. I thought for sure this was it, since yesterday they said I was 4 cm, 80 percent effaced, and -2 station. They checked me and I was still 4 cm, 80 percent effaced, and thought maybe -1 station. So I was sent home after being monitored for a bit. I feel like an idiot and was so hoping it was happening. I really dont know what to except since last time I was induced and had an epi that numbed me so much I didnt feel a thing. I was afraid to wait but now I just so frustrated and not sure when I should go in.

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Re: frustrated L&D trip

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