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Constipated baby.. This is not normal

DS has been having trouble pooping for two weeks now. When I told the doctor they brushed it off and said it was completely normal. Well LO has been irritable, cranky and just plain frustrated and nothing is changing. His poop is now like little balls. He just had a poop that I had to help him pass because it was packed so tightly. I've been trying prune juice, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Any thoughts??
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Re: Constipated baby.. This is not normal

  • I would go back to the Dr.
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  • Talk to your doctor before you do this but we had to help my first child with a q-tip. Not fun but he wouldn't go for days and then get really irritable. Good news is he out grew it and we just make sure he gets pears,peaches or plums daily. S far we a

  • My baby went 1 day without pooping and she poops everyday, she was constipated, if the poop is peanut butter or thicker consistency the dr said to use 1 oz apple juice (or pear or prune)mixed with 1 oz water and give it to her twice a day-once in the a

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    I would go back to the Dr.


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  • My kid hasn't gone over 2 days without pooping but we give her gentlease formula and it practically acts like a laxative.  But I agree you should go to the doc and demand they help.  I believe there are over the counter suppositories you can sti
  • You can do some rectal stimulation with a qtip like someone said or even use a rectal thermometer if you a worried about the qtip.  I would def call dr first thought to make sure that they were helping you fix the cause
  • Is he breastfed or formula fed? With formula, pelleting can just be a sign that you need to switch to an easier to digest formula, one of the gentle lines will often help. If he's breastfed, pelleting is a sign of dehydration and needs to be addressed pro
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