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Tossing in sleep

Lo has gotten into the habit of waking at 5 am and only staying asleep if he comes into bed with us for the past few weeks. I don't really mind this, he had been sleeping until 830 and then we would hang out in bed for a while. However this past week he has been almost thrashing back and forth in his sleep from 57am. He will stay asleep if i hold him while he's tossing but if i put him down or back in his crib he wakes automatically. I have tried swaddling, and not. Has anyone else's LO done anything like this? I dont mind snuggling with him but there is certainly no sleep for mom with a thrashing baby in my arms.
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Re: Tossing in sleep

  • Yes! This has been our DD for the past two week. We stopped swaddling last week and started using the Magic sleep sack. The first night was great but the last two she has woken up every 45 mins from 9/12pm and then I have given up and put her in our be
  • This has been my son for the past week. He is 3.5 months old. He was sleeping from 8am to 2pm and then up every two hours to eat until 6am. NOW...he is up at 11pm and then every hour on the hour to eat for 20-30 minutes. When I finally think I have him do
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  • I am in the same boat!  As soon as a hand comes out of the swaddle she is awake.  I just ordered Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit.  It's supposed to help with the transition out of the swaddle and sleeping through the night. It's $40 but if it wor
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