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traumatic birth experience, normal reaction?

Hi ladies. I had DS 15 days ago. The whole experience was a whirlwind. They couldn't get my spinal in, took 4 attempts, then when they did, the medication went too high and my arms were numb and I could barely breathe. I was terrified during the whole c-section. DS came out screaming, looking great, and went to recovery with DH (I had GD so they wanted to monitor his sugars).

When I got upstairs they told me DS was almost ready to come out of recovery. Then a half hour later, they came back and said he was having trouble breathing. The pedi came in to see him, decided he needed to be transferred to the Children's hospital 40 min away. Up until this point I had only seen him for a minute in the delivery room. The transport team brought him into my room. He had a feeding tube in his mouth, and IV and was in an oxygen tent. I didn't get to hold him, just held his hand and said goodbye as they took him away. They transferred me a few hours later. By the time I got there, he was on a ventilator. He was on the ventilator overnight, then came off and was on oxygen for 5 days. I didn't get to hold or feed him until he was 4 days old. He stayed a total of 10 days in the NICU.

Nw he's home and perfectly healthy. I held it together the whole time he was in the hospital, except the day I got discharged and had to leave him, I was a total wreck.

Breastfeeding isn't going well because of all his issues, and the late start to feeding, so that upsets me too. I've been pumping, and desperately want to EBF.

Everytime I think about the day he was born, or him being in the hospital I burst into tears. I was driving home from the drs office yesterday sobbing because I had to tell them about the whole ordeal (it was his 1st appt). The worst part is, I worked in that NICU for 6 years, and still work in the hospital, so I'm going to have to go back to work there. I know things could have been much worse, and I'm so thankful for the great care he received by my former coworkers.

Is this a normal response, or am I crazy? Does this warrant a call to my OB for like PPD or something? Anyone else been through something like this? Does it get better with time?




Re: traumatic birth experience, normal reaction?

  • I'm sorry you had such a difficult time, it must have been terrifying to see and hear tht your son was in distress. I do not know what a "normal" reaction to this might be, but I just wanted to say I'm so glad you and baby are home and healthy now. Sorry
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  • I would say that's a totally normal response to such a difficult, scary experience. I was sobbing everyday for like 2 weeks after DD was born, and we had a perfectly normal, uncomplicated birth. Postpartum hormones are no joke. I never felt so out of cont
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  • Yes, as a psychologist, I'd say you are having a normal reaction. People can have a wide variety of reactions to traumatic experiences and they are all considered normal. So please don't add this to your list of things to worry about. Plus, your hormon

  • I'm so sorry you and DS went through all that. It sounds like you handled it better than I would've and I think you're having totally normal reactions now. It was scary and overwhelming when you're already in a vulnerable state. It can't hurt to talk to y

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  • I'm so sorry.  What a scary experience :(  I have no advice or anything but just wanted to offer ::hugs::.  Hang in there with the bf'ing.  It took DD and I a full week to click with bf'ing.  I bet if you just keep sticking with i
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    I would say that's a totally normal response to such a difficult, scary experience. I was sobbing everyday for like 2 we
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  • Oh mama I'm so sorry. I would be a crying mess if this was my story too - so no I don't think it's automatically a concern for PPD. It's very normal for women to have the "blues" for a few weeks after delivery because of all of the hormones and I would th

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  • Thank you everyone. It felt better just to type it all out. I just think back to DS#1s bday and how it was such an amazing day, such a happy memory. I can't see myself ever saying that about DS#2. I know its still so fresh, hopefully it will get better wi


  • FWIW., DS2 was diagnosed with pneumonia when he was 40 hours old (and we had a scary planned-c-section-turned -emergency when his heart rate dropped to 30 for a while). He had a spinal tap, IVs kept collapsing his veins so he had them in 8 spots, I couldn
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  • I am sorry you had such a traumatic experience. I wish peace for you as you process it. Things were so fast and crazy at the time, and now you are "unpacking"everything from that scary time. I expect that when you go back... You will be able to deal wi

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  • That is so scary, I was just about to post something similar.  DS started running a fever the day after we were discharged home.  Being a ER nurse I freaked out, and took him straight to the Peds ER (where I work).  He was severely dehyd

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  • My daughter was in the NICU for 3 days after she was born due to blood sugar issues. My experience was not identical to yours, but I had a similar reaction. I felt very guilty for her being in the NICU and needing IVs. I can still cry just thinking abo

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  • I'm so sorry for all you've had to go through.

    Mine wasn't the same, but I've had 2 preemies. This time I was much better emotionally, but with DD1 I was a mess.  Angry, sad, you name it.  You're right that time will heal it but it suck

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    Breastfeeding isn't going well because of all his issues, and the late start to feeding, so that upsets me too. I'v

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